Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Internet Trolling Sucks: The Cabling

A few months ago, I noted that Cablevision sucks. That post gets quite a few hits, on account of the fact it's true, and people often search on that phrase.

This evening, it garnered this rather odd response (which I deleted at that post, for parsing here):
You're an idiot.

Howdy, stranger! Welcome to my blog!
There are no more analog broadcasts going on. Cablevision is doing it's customer's a favor...

Oh, you had me had two incorrect apostrophes in a row!
Cablevision is doing it's customer's a favor by taking the digital feed and converting it back to analog so people can still get some channels without a converter box.

And FAIL and FAIL again. First off, Cablevision is not doing any of its customers any "favors." Rates are high. And--oh, in the name of all that is holy, must I explain this again?--converter boxes are for over-the-air transmission of digital signals. No cables of any kind involved. Cable companies do not traffic in converter boxes. Why would they? Let's look at this mathematically: Over-the-air transmission + digital converter box = no money for cable company. Cable companies + cable from the street to your home + cable box = money for cable company every month. See?
The only reason they don't rebroadcast all of the channels is because of bandwidth constraints.

If so, why doesn't the company explain that? Why, in the run-up to the digital transition, did it lie in its advertising?
If you want all the channels you have to have a digital converter...

...from Cablevision. Any other TV provider requires a converter box...

...on any TV in the house to receive channels. Everyone should know what they are talking about before they start ranting like fools.

True, that.
What else can you expect from a liberal lunatic?


Oh, and "Rob" signed off with the a link to a nonexistent Blogspot ID page, so no way to thank him for his friendly comment in person.

I admit I originally thought it was someone within Cablevision--my stats showed the visit came from Lindenhurst where, well whaddya know?, there's a Cablevision customer service office. And I could see it came from someone using Cablevision's Internet service. But while I assumed the visit came from a search for "cablevision sucks," and therefore I figured it was a company employee with time on his hands, the search actually was for something like "when will cablevision get new converter boxes" (and FAIL! again).

Sorry, Cablevision. I still think you suck. But I doubt anyone in the company is that stupid.


Knatolee said...

Okay, what kind of nutbar DEFENDS a cable company (unless he works for it?) Evil money-grubbing empires!

And if you're a liberal lunatic, I'm afraid to think what I am... ;)

ChefNick said...

Jim, there is a straitjacket and a team of burly men all dressed in white, all just for you.

I'm surprised that after all this time in the ward I still knew how to spell "straitjacket."