Monday, December 21, 2009

Stay classy, readers!

Odd Google searches that have stranded visitors on The Velvet Blog, with commentary:

pronunciation of stick
I'd go with "stik." But "kər-ˈfə-fəl" is acceptable in certain regional areas.

what ever happened to jim donahue winnipeg
He was run out of town. Some say a Ponzi scheme was involved.

tipping guide christmas pool boy
As previously noted, depends on how he fills out a Speedo.

will yogurt make you shit?
The preferred word around these parts is "poop." And, yes.

alaska whores
Hey, this isn't that kind of blog!


punkinsmom said...

Must remember to get a pool...

Knatolee said...

WINNIPEG? The last time I was there, it was minus-a-bazillion Fahrenheit! Brrrr.

But are there any sock monkey/Velvet Blog Google searches that stand out?

Jim Donahue said...

The ways of Google are mysterious. I hardly ever get sock-monkey-related searches, despite frequent posting on the topic. My big Google getters are: Deborah Norville's eyes (the left one is a little wonky and lots of people wonder about it), the effect of yogurt on pooping, the suckiness of
Cablevision, smelly dogs, the self-inducement of comas, and, especially, pictures of cute baby monkeys. A few other items come and go in waves, but those are the perennials. TVB generally gets 125-150 hits a day (again, with fluctuations), and probably 100 of them are accountable to those mentioned items, in one form or another.

ChefNick said...

You just simply have to be kidding.

Knatolee said...

I'm afraid to check the top Google hits for myself!