Friday, June 03, 2005

The sound of silence

To buy a CD anywhere in Europe, you bring the empty case up to the counter, the clerk finds the disk in a file and puts it in the case, and you walk off happy.

Last night, on the recommendation of my friend Miriam, I bought the new CD by Ben Folds.

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This morning at the office, I found something sharp and sliced off the outside wrapping. Then I had to remove the plastic slipcover that told me I was actually buying something called a DualDisc (couldn't they have put a small sticker on it instead)? Then I had to find that knife again, and peel off the seal across the top of the case. This took a couple of attempts. Then I put it in my PC ... and nothing happened. My computer won't read it.

Should listening to a CD really be so labor-intensive?



Jenn said...

Cute. Now attempt to open "eggo" syrup. I love the double safty seal they put on both that and toothpaste. Add that to your morning I can't get my CD to play routine, you'll be gray!

Jovianne said...

I miss albums.

Anonymous said...

get moot davis

thank me later

CG said...

what is this "CD" you speak of?

Anonymous said...

Turn it over. Many dual disks have a CD on one side and a DVD on the other.

Loc Guang

Jim Donahue said...

It is double-sided, but I had it in my PC the right way. It will play in my car. I've heard a lot of computers are having a problem with these DualDisks.