Monday, June 13, 2005

The Velvet Blog: Year One: A Look Back: With Too Many Colons In The Subject Line

What a year it's been! A crazy roller-coaster ride into a whirlwind of excitement! An avalanche of mystery and intrigue! A cornucopia of mirth and merriment! A plethora of hyperbole and overstatement!

Oh, screw it--who am I kidding? I started this blog for two reasons: 1) It was free. And 2) I was bored. Those motivating factors are still in place.

Permit me some self-indulgence by linking to a few entries that, for one reason or another, I like. It's a good thing I crack myself up.


Suggestions for celebrity baby names

Real BlogSpot blog names, with commentary

I'm writing a review of Catwoman...

The only plausible reason for John McCain's speech at the Republican convention

The Rise and Fall of Freddie the Dog (after a link on to my dog Freddie's blog resulted in something like 18,000 hits there in a week)

The Seven Less-Deadly Sins

Innovative idea for election reform

Thoughts on the election, the day after

Who am us, anyway?

Proposal for Social Security reform

When publishing trends collide

Spoiler alert! (The last one was supposed to be a Passion of the Christ spoiler, BTW.)

Odds on the next Pope

Frank Perdue: Rest in pieces

Benedict, Benedict, Benedict

Barely comprehensible

I know, I know, linking to myself is ridiculously vain.

So, here is the lamest TVB post ever: The Velvet Blog: Year One: A Look Back


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