Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Not quite as smart as an actual duck

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Today's "Mallard Fillmore" above.

For those unfamiliar with the daily strip, congratulations!

The cartoonist, Bruce Tinsley, is a right-wing cretin who actually used a week's worth of strips to complain that Jon Stewart was trying to fool Tinsley's readers into believing the "Mallard Fillmore" spoof that ran in "America: The Book" was real. This despite the fact that the book ran a bunch of what were obviously satirical jabs at several strips, including "Doonesbury."

I can't link to the actual "America" spoof, but the text is:

Mallard: Liberals want to tie the hands of industry with more environmental regulation. Why must we punish our most productive citizens with an income tax? Oops! I forgot to tell a joke!

And here's one of the MF anti-Stewart strips:

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Yes, that's right. He compared Jon Stewart to being a child molester a la Michael Jackson because he didn't like a fairly innocuous jab at his expense. Classy, eh? (Oh, and he portrayed Stewart with a gigantic nose though Stewart doesn't have a big schnozz. Hm, do you think that could be because Stewart is Jewish?)

But getting back to today's strip ... sigh. Yeah, gay men exist. Get over it.


punkinsmom said...

Oh, where to begin.... Why would anyone in their right mind name a comic strip after one of our most spineless, conciliatory and bigoted presidents in history? Even if it coincides nicely with a duck.

There's so much more.

MsYvone said...

I have "America" but never heard of this Mallard thingy...
Surprising, since I live in the Republican-centric South.

I find it funny that Rightwingers like to overlook the fact that Jon makes fun of EVERYONE, not just them. I saw Stewart on "CROSSFIRE" I even watched the feed after they went off air... Jon continued to go after them even though the cameras werent rolling...too bad we couldnt get the audio.


well, back to breastfeeding and watching the '86 Fiesta Bowl!

Jim Donahue said...

Mallard is pretty widely syndicated. It runs in my local Long Island paper, Newsday.

Periodically, readers will send in letters to the effect of: "Why is the strip running? It's brain-dead and, worse, not funny."

Which usually spurs conservatives to write in with: "You've got Boondocks and Doonesbury! Don't cancel Mallard!"

Which only serves to prove the point: conservative humor that's actually funny is rare indeed. (In fact, can anyone name any conservative cartoonist or writer who's also funny? Please, no one say "Ann Coulter," because you'll be banned from TVB forever.)

Peter said...

P.J. O'Roarke has his moments. Then again, he makes fun of sanctimony on both sides, as well rich conservatives who are pro-life and tough on crime, until their kids get pregnant or busted with coke.

I've tried to read Mallard Fillmore in the same light, but it doesn't work. It just isn't funny. So what you are left with is tired cartoon formula attempting to support some not very well informed or reasoned-through social commentary.

Asher Hunter said...

Wow ... I've never heard of this Mallard person before, but he looks like quite the ass.

Ragemanchoo said...

Actually, we DON'T have Boondocks anymore, at least not in comic strip form. Aaron McGruder pulled a Dave Chappelle and walked away from the comic. The cartoon series continues, however.