Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Smackdown!: Ed Norton vs. Ed Norton

Ed Norton
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WHO?: Sanitation engineer; upstairs neighbor of short-tempered bus driver Ralph Kramden; member of Raccoon Lodge; husband of Trixie.

PROS: Extremely affable; can put up with short-tempered bus-driver neighbors; really knows how to address a golf ball.

CONS: Not the brightest bulb in the box of low-wattage bulbs; often unintentionally sets off short-tempered bus-driver neighbors.

Ed Norton
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WHO?: Actor; writer; director.

PROS: Nominated for an Oscar for first-ever film role (Primal Fear); usually worth watching, even in lesser films.

CONS: Lesser films include Death to Smoochy; has feuded with directors; cast the irritating Jenna Elfman in his directorial debut, the fairly lame Keeping the Faith.

WINNER: That's easy--Ed Norton.

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