Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The number 24

I never watched 24 before this year. But I finally gave in and was pretty much hooked from the first episode.

Then I read this profile of the show's creator in the new issue of The New Yorker*, and I may never watch the show again.


*Yes, The New Yorker.

UPDATE: Joel Surnow, the 24 creator referenced above, has a news-spoof show on Fox, a (cough, cough) conservative answer to The Daily Show.

Watch a clip on YouTube, if you dare.

If, as they say, dying is easy and comedy is hard, well, they took the easy route.

(h/t: Comedy Central.)


fermicat said...

I gave up 24 for Heroes. If I have to suspend disbelief to enjoy a show, I'd rather do it for something based on comic books (graphic novels, whatever) than on government terror-fighting entities. 24 relies far too much on completely unrealistic crap to move the plot forward. Yes, it can suck you in, but only if you really think we would give away the farm to terrorists and that torture gets you anywhere.

It's not to late to switch over to Heroes. Great show... you won't be sorry.

punkinsmom said...

Jack Bauer: the man who doesn't pee, eat or sleep. For a full 5 days now. (It is in its 5th season, no?) Sorry. 24 is one of the reasons I no longer watch TV. Actually FOX in general is one of the reasons.

Jim Donahue said...

Fermicat: Oh, I like that one, too--I've been taping it or 24 since they went head to head.

Punkinsmom: I hear ya.

fermicat said...

Ever since 24 and Heroes came to occupy the same timeslot, I watch Heroes and read the incredibly detailed 24 plot synopsis the next day. You can get caught up in a few minutes without the need to actually watch the show.

Mark H said...

Posted the same clip today. Was that painful or what?