Sunday, February 11, 2007

Llama mmama

The neighbor of a friend from church has three llamas--mom, dad, and son, who was born around Christmas.

Are they not completely adorable?

Katie (mom)

Noel (baby)

Darby (dad)


Dave said...


Llama cute? You haven't done cute till you've seen Atlanta's newest heart throb, our baby panda, something something.

Go to and do a search for panda. Cute squared.

Like your stuff.



fermicat said...

I used to live two houses down from a llama farm, when I lived in rural Massachusetts. They have beautiful long eyelashes, and are very curious and friendly. Lots of fun to watch, although they didn't smell all that good.

Dave said...

I think my blog surfing is becoming incestuous. I found TVB through fermicat and now find that I am preceeding and following her with comments.

Sharon said...

Yep. Damn cute. Now I'm off to check out the new panda and tag along on this incestuous journey with Dave and fermicat!

unclewilly said...

Big hitter, the llama.