Sunday, February 04, 2007

Oddly, I get asked these questions every day at work, too

From the obituary of Bob Carroll Jr., co-writer of every episode of I Love Lucy, in The New York Times:
Happily for the writers, few ideas were off limits. Most weeks, they approached Ms. Ball to ask her some variation on the following:

Can we tie you to a chair? Roll you in a rug? Hang you out the window? Can we fly you through the air? Put you on stilts? Put four dozen eggs down your blouse? Will you bark like a seal? Work with an elephant? Sing to a sheep?

Can we dip you in chocolate? Coat you in clay? Splatter you with mud? Will you fight with a woman in a vat full of grapes? Work on an out-of-control conveyor belt in a candy factory? Can we put you in handcuffs? Blacken your teeth? Set your nose on fire?

Ms. Ball, resilient, agreed to everything.

This is the secret to success: Flexibility.

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