Wednesday, February 08, 2006

E-mail I received today from Brian Jackson

Do You have enough pwoer to provide your patrner high quality SE-X on St. Valentine day? Get a MONSTTER pwoer, nothing can bring your ererction down! Show your partner the PWOER of your LOEV and she will always remember You. Loev will ALWAYS be associated with YOU! Your order will be PRIVATE, nobody will know what You use.

Follow this link and get SSPECIAL DISSCOOUNT for that period:

Isumxcng Eudoxmpzjpmc

Dear Brian:

How are you? I am fine.

Thanks so much for your note, though I found it a little puzzling. What would I do with MONSTTER pwoer? It sounds a little scary, to be honest. And that bit about nothing bringing my ererction down? Yikes. If my ererction never came down, I'd have to go see the dcotor! Boy, that would be embarrassing!!!

And just what is the PWOER of LOEV, anyway? That great philospher Huey Lewis once said that it would make one man weep, but another man sing. So maybe it's like too much alcohol at a karaoke bar. But he also said that it would change a hawk into a little white dove, so perhaps it's more like a cut-rate Siegfried and Roy show. Maybe it's just a mystery.

Well, happy St. Valentine's, Brian, and thanks for the offer of the sspecial disscoount. It's always nice to save a few bucks while experiencing high-quality SE-X!

Isumxcng Eudoxmpzjpmc,


Will said...

Yikes! What would I do if you got MONSTTER pwoer? What would Freddie do?

punkinsmom said...

I so badly want to follow up Will's comment with "What Would Jesus Do?"

So I will.