Friday, February 10, 2006

Hackery 2,342, Insanity ... priceless

Man, this crazy-lying-White-House-appointee-to-NASA story just keeps getting better and better! From the New York Times this morning:
The Times reported on Wednesday that contrary to his résumé on file with NASA, Mr. Deutsch, who is 24, never graduated from Texas A&M. Yesterday, in an interview with The Times, Mr. Deutsch said he had written the résumé in anticipation of graduating.

"When I left college," he said, "I did not properly update my résumé. As a result, it may appear misleading to some. However, I was up front with NASA about my undergraduate status when they hired me."

What a great idea!

I'm going to update my resume in anticipation of graduating from Harvard and running a Fortune 500 company.


Asher Hunter said...

Yeah, that one kinda stunned me too. I broke my ire-fast, and posted a diatribe about that very subject.

fanatic cook said...

He's 24? Even if he did graduate, he can't have much experience. He must have something else going for him. Maybe he's a charmer in person.

I like that idea of an ire-fast. Yep.

Sam said...

Loved this story. E-mailed it to all my Bush supporting pals.
Both of them.

Anyhow, it's not like it's unusual for Bush to appoint someone completely unsuited for the job, is it?