Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What's on your mind? (with commentary)

Recent searches that have stranded vistors on TVB:

experiment to compare the power of radio and television strawberry river of cream
--Ummmm. I have no clue. None.

joke from the aristocats
--Way back when, I wrote that I hoped some clueless parent would walk into a video store and pick up The Aristocrats for his kid by mistake. It never dawned on me that someone might look for a movie about a dirty joke and take home an animated flick about cats. But I guess anything is possible.

bush licks balls
--Sometimes you find political commentary when you least expect it.

half human half monkey abomination
--Oh, enough about Bush already!

katie holmes elron hubbard baby
--Tom, I know you have dyslexia, but I'm reasonably sure you were trying to think of "L. Ron." Or, if you're a LOTR fan, Elrond.

ben stiller ice cream flavors
--What would Zoolander taste like, exactly?

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