Thursday, February 16, 2006

News headline on Yahoo I'd rather not have seen

Madonna on Mend from Grammy Hernia

Other headlines I expect to see in the near future:
Robert Plant Says: "Please, for the Love of God, Stop Squeezing My Lemon"

Mick Jagger Gets up Twice During the Night to Pee

Paul McCartney Hazy on Where He Left the Car Keys

Johnny Rotten: Somewhat Mellower Since the Dementia Set In

Tommy Lee Resting Comfortably After 23rd Battle With the Clap

Bob Dylan Babbles Incoherently--Either Has Alzheimer's or is Singing


Jim Donahue said...

Guess I should point out that I originally misread the Madonna headline as referring to her "Granny Hernia."

Doug Hoffman said...

I, too, misread it as "granny hernia."

Great post, Jim.