Friday, February 17, 2006

How I plan on celebrating Presidents' Day

--Tap next-door neighbor's phone and open his mail
--Depose family across the street and install a new family there
--Accuse critics of playing "blame game" when new family blows up a car
--Clear brush
--Choke on a pretzel
--Shred pictures of myself with Jack Abramoff

Oh, how I wish there were a Vice Presidents' Day! There are so many people I'd like to shoot.


Lone Ranger said...

If there are people you'd like to shoot, try Waco, Texas or Ruby Ridge Idaho. Clinton found them to be rich hunting grounds. Surely they restocked their supplies of men, women and children by now.

Sam said...

You forgot dirt-bike riding.
The presidency is just one long vacation and promo-op for Bushie-boy. Well, who cares as long as oil princes are up and arms sales are strong?
As the Republicans are so fond of saying: 'Wealth will trickle down to the poor!'

Jim Donahue said...

Long Ranger:

I looked at your blog. And your point is ... What we think of as Democratic ideals used to be Republican ideals and vice versa? Well, duh. Anyone who's read a history book--like me!--could have told you that.

Take a moment to remove your head from your ass and look around at the way Bush and his cronies are systematically dismantling freedom. Anyone with a brain should be deeply frightened.