Saturday, May 05, 2007

Or--and this is just a thought--you could serve cake and ice cream, maybe rent a pony

As Lila del Corte Hirschfeld was about to turn 1, her mother was feeling slightly frantic. Like many New York parents, Jenny 8 del Corte Hirschfeld (the numeral is her middle name) had a vision for her daughter's birthday party, though hers was more Dali than Disney. In place of balloons and goody bags, this one had a working title--"El Ataque de los Trapos" ("The Attack of the Cleaning Cloths")--and would be filmed using seven movie cameras, all borrowed for the occasion.

According to the plan, little Lila (pronounced LEE-lah) and her friends would be dressed in tiny, doll-size sombreros and ponchos that Ms. del Corte Hirschfeld was planning to sew from bolts of Mexican dish-towel fabric. They would then crawl around the apartment, swabbing the floors as they went. At the climactic moment, the babies would devour a vegetable terrine (also made by Ms. del Corte Hirschfeld--Ai, so much to do!). Finally, Marron, the dachshund, would be set loose to lick up the mess.

With only a week to go, Ms. del Corte Hirschfeld had not even finished gluing together the invitations, sets of four cards that she had designed and illustrated with mariachi mushrooms on one side and the party details on the other. The fact that the date printed on the invitations was wrong didn’t faze her--the date had been wrong on Lila's birth announcement, too.

"Next year," Ms. del Corte Hirschfeld said, "I will dress them as Shaker brothers and sisters, and they can make brooms and weave their little chairs."
--The New York Times

Some people are so silly. I mean, what kind of name for a dachshund is "Marron"?

Oh, and this appeared in the real estate section.

(Note: Lest anyone think I swiped this from Gawker, note that I posted this a full day before that site, 'k?)


Will said...

Vegetable terrine at a birthday party? Sounds like a form of punishment.

TwoBusy said...

Her middle name is 8?