Sunday, March 07, 2010

Cablevision sucks, part XXIX

So, ABC is off of Cablevision because of squabbling over money. Yes, the Oscars are on tonight, so I won't be watching.

Just received an e-mail from Cablevision that says in part:
While we work to return WABC-7 to the lineup, you can watch WABC-7 free over the air by obtaining a digital TV antenna from your local consumer electronics store. Or, you can watch almost all of ABC's prime time programming free on the Internet at or

Or, in other words, "We don't do anything worth paying for. We should really stop taking your money while you find out other ways to watch your favorite programs. Truly, we are useless and we suck. Also, we have totally ruined several professional sports teams as well as a formerly respectable newspaper, Newsday, but we won't go into that here."

Meanwhile, anyone need a 6-foot-tall ice sculpture of an Oscar trophy? Because, apparently, I won't be needing it tonight.


ChefNick said...

What is it "Os" that I dislike? Could it be the "Oh, shit!" Or "Oh my god?" or "O Father who art in Heaven?"

Olympics . . . Oscars . . . add them to the endless list of Os.


ChefNick said...

And you think you have your woes.

The 500-channel universe up here in Montreal is just that: 500 channels of Dog Whisperer, Dog the Bounty Hunter, America's Funniest Home Videos, CSI Miami, New York, LA and Calcutta and "Destroyed in Seconds."

All on, all the time, except all on different channels.

If the first sentence of the Nightly News doesn't include the word "Kill," you know it's a slow news day.

If my TV wasn't bolted to the wall I swear it would go off the balcony. Watching paint drying, I've heard, is actually gaining in popularity in our wonderful world of "Must-See TV."

Hey, there's a good idea. Maybe I'll pitch it to the networks over a ten-martini with apr├Ęs-coke steak dinner.

mike_dish said...

Jim, sorry to hear about what you experienced with Cablevision. Maybe you should look into DISH Network? As a DISH customer/employee I can tell you that DISH is pretty amazing. Not only does DISH offer the lowest prices nationwide, but the award winning HD DVR that they offer is truly great (ViP 722K, it's what I personally have). Should definitely check it out and get away from the cable lockdown.