Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A note from the management

I miss posting Random 10 lists, but I stopped doing it after SeeqPod got sued into nonexistence. (Well, it's rumored Microsoft bought the technology, but it's yet to resurface.)

I recently started using an online music service called Lala--and I'm impressed. You can stream the 6 million-plus songs in its catalog for free once. Further unlimited streams only cost 10 cents. You can also upload all the music you have on your computer and then stream it anywhere you are. Cool, right?

You can also post songs from your collection to your blog, so let's see if this works:

Any issues playing?

(Oh, and if you want to sign up, contact me via e-mail and I'll send you an invite--that way I earn some free songs. Yes, it's kind of a Ponzi scheme in that way. My e-mail address is on my profile page.)


Dave said...

Worked fine, and I'm going to have to look into Swan Dive, kind of a, what to call it? A current lyric homage to sixties lounge music?

Oh, I'm listening a lot lately to Pandora, always free, but you can't pick beyond structuring your "stations."

Jim Donahue said...

I guess I'd call Swan Dive retro-pop. Their most recent album (which contains this song), "Mayfair," definitely has a lounge feel to it. The album before that, "Until," is pure Brazilian-inspired bossa nova.

And before that, I'd say they were most influenced by Nilsson and Burt Bacharach than anything else. Their 1998 album "Circle" is my favorite.

They're based in Nashville, are big in Korea and Japan, and can't get arrested here. Go figure. (I've talked to them a few times after shows, and they're incredibly nice.)

Dave said...

I created a Pandora station and get all those influences in the songs the algorithm chooses. Thanks for the tip.