Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quotations of the day

Where to begin? The Glenn Beck/Eric Massa cage match has scads of quotables:
MASSA: Let me show you something.

BECK: You’re going to show me tickle fights?

MASSA: I’m going to show you more than tickle fights.

Massa on his halcyon Navy days (warning: Fox News link--couldn't find it elsewhere):
If you were to take this out of context today ... Can you imagine transporting back to this today? It looks like an orgy in Caligula. And anybody who's been in the Navy knows it.

Massa in reaction to the groping charge:
Not only did I grope him, I tickled him until he couldn’t breathe and four guys jumped on top of me. It was my 50th birthday. It was kill the old guy.

Beck attempts to, er, help:
BECK: Somebody says I groped male staffers, female staffers. You know, I was fondling a cat—whatever it is, I don’t resign. I stand up and I say —

MASSA: Yes, you do.


I'm going to assume pussy had nothing to do with it, Glenn.

Beck closed with this declaration to viewers:
America, I’ve got to shoot straight with you: I think I’ve wasted your time. I think this is the first time I have wasted an hour of your time. And I apologize for that.

Not the first time, but, hey, it's a start.

Also, gotta love this refreshingly honest quote from neocon Bill Kristol:
We shouldn't get into the business of being pro-Massa just because we are anti–health care.

Notice: Not against health care reform--against health care itself.

Good to know, am I right?

PS: So much good stuff otherwise, I'm not even pointing out Massa's recounting of a confrontation with a nekkid Rahm Emanuel in the Congressional showers!

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