Sunday, March 07, 2010

Mexico and Canada, however, appear to be in the clear

Part of an occasional series in which we improve depressing or odd descriptions of vanity press books advertised in The New York Times Book Review by adding the phrase "Wacky high jinks ensue" at the end of them. Ad copy verbatim (except for the high jinks) from the March 7 issue:
Jeremiah's Prophesy: The End of the United States. Jeremiah's prophecy is simple: repent now or be destroyed. Listen to a straightforward call for repentance in Jeremiah's Prophesy: The End of the United States. Heed God's ultimate call for His church to turn from its wicked ways and pray. Wacky high jinks ensue.


ChefNick said...

Jimmie, Jimmie! (Not the first time I have entreated you in this manner!)

If you just shift a little, perhaps put your feet up on the table and push the dog off your lap, you might see your way clear to understanding that this is GOOD writing!

Just the word "heed" makes it good writing. Furthermore, biblical names gives it cachet!

"Prophecy" gives it immediate bestseller status!

Knatolee said...

Oh we're such a bunch of godless heathens compared to you guys that hope was lost for us decades ago! We ain't got much religion up here, at least not compared to the US of A.

If you get destroyed, can I have your sock monkey collection?