Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Decongestant that sounds more like a poorly named sandwich spread

"Yeah, I'll have roast beef on a roll with lettuce and tomato. Oh, and put some Flonase on it."

Late-afternoon update with explanation

That was gross. Sorry. But Flonase has been on my mind lately.

Last week, I awoke with a cold one morning. By Saturday, I could hardly walk and talk, and my left eye was bloodshot. A trip to a doc-in-the-box revealed sinusitis and conjunctivitis. So now I'm on antibiotics, antibiotic eyedrops, and Flonase.

And the great thing about Flonase is... is... well, nothing, actually. The eyedrops make my eye sting like hell, but at least appear to be working. The antibiotic pills seem to be doing their job, too. But inhaling Flonase is like breathing in lighter fluid, only without the pleasant aftereffects. It stings like anything, and doesn't seem to do much at all. I've still got mucus dripping down my throat, making my voice sound slightly less robust than Camille's on her deathbed.

Hmm. Maybe I'm using it wrong? Perhaps it really is a sandwich spread.


1 comment:

Jezzy said...

It is a sandwich spread, Jim D! It goes well with turkey and lettuce.

Oh - and hope you get well soon.