Thursday, March 31, 2005

Whatever you do, don't show this to Lynne Truss

I was flipping through some LPs in my basement last night, and noticed this:

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No, I can't believe my eyes. What's with those unneeded apostrophes??? I can expect that from a sign in a supermarket window, but, yeesh, this was a major record label.

OK, so I'm 38 years too late...

(In case you don't get the Lynne Truss reference, go here.)



Grammarian said...

Have you alerted the Apostrophe Protection Society?

Ron Southern said...

Lynne Truss is pretty cool. That album might be what set her off, though I'm not sure she's old enough, as I was, to be pissed off about in the year of it's origin. It could have been artistically doctored in the CD reissues if that "Big Record Company" had grown a brain in 40 years. I've noticed before that album covers don't get corrected. Except the Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's" album, and that correction was in the direction of less adherence to the original artwork, not more. Oh, I can't remember if they altered or covered up the unclad underage girl on the Blind Faith album or not. I better shut up. I don't expect to see any correction for punctuation and spelling, though. Not in a million years of rock n roll! Even intellectual Bob Dylan didn't know and wouldn't admit, was it John Wesley Hardin or John Wesley Harding? There are NO proofreaders in the music business.