Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I'm feeling a mite peckish...

Is there anything to eat? Oh, there's this…

Burger King Monday introduced the Enormous Omelet Sandwich, a 730-calorie breakfast product that slaps two omelet eggs, a sausage patty, three strips of bacon and two slices of cheese into a bun. The sandwich comes with a price tag of about $3 and 47 grams of fat. News of the sandwich raised the ire of nutrition experts. --Newsday

Hmm. Not really what I had in mind. Anything else?

Ask Andy Puzder. He's CEO of Hardee's and Carl's Jr., home of the 1,420-calorie Monster Thickburger. One year after the giant burger rolled out, same store sales at the chain were up more than 7%, he says. Why would anyone buy such a behemoth burger? That's easy, Puzder says: "Because they're good." --USA Today

Gosh, that sounds a little heavy. Got something a little lighter? Say, finger food?

California (Reuters) -- A diner at a Wendy's fast food restaurant in San Jose, California, found a human finger in a bowl of chili prepared by the chain, local officials said Wednesday.

"This individual apparently did take a spoonful, did have a finger in their mouth and then, you know, spit it out and recognized it," said Ben Gale, director of the department of environmental health for Santa Clara County. "Then they had some kind of emotional reaction and vomited."

Local officials launched an investigation after the incident Tuesday night and the medical examiner determined Wednesday that the object was a human finger.

That's odd--I've lost my appetite.

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Photo of a 9-pound hamburger from Junk Food News, but a visit to the site is for strong stomachs only.

(If you’re looking for something that's tasty and won't kill you, try The Fanatic Cook.)


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