Thursday, May 18, 2006

Oh, go @&#! a duck

Yes, yes, yes. I've complained about Mallard Fillmore before. It's the widely syndicated right-wing comic strip that is stultifyingly unfunny.

But what the hell does the strip below even mean?

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Can anyone explain it?

While I certainly favor the liberal side of the political spectrum, I have no problem with the existence of a conservative comic. Knock yourself out. But shouldn't there be some--indeed any--evidence of humor?


God Is My Codependent said...

I wouldn't @&#! Mallard Fillmore for all the tax cuts in the world.

Peter said...

He forgot to make a joke!

MsYvone said...

So glad to hear its not just my post-partum dyslexic attention deficit disorder thats keeping me from making any sense out of that!

CG said...

i think he simply means liberals are jerks. I feel that is the humor in most of his comics. "liberals are jerks". Humorist Rush Limbaugh and Entertainer Bill O'Reilly use the same punch-line a lot.

Anonymous said...

He's making fun of liberals by suggesting that the shirt is patriotic and his opponent is an idiot. Not his best work. Yes, it is an actual shirt for sale. However, I have never seen anyone actually wearing one.