Sunday, May 07, 2006

What better way to honor the people of Bolivia?

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From the New York Times Style magazine, May 7, p. 28:
THESE LITTLE TUBERS HAVE A SILVER LINING Inspired by that indigenous Andean staple, these sterling silver potato bowls by Surevolution ... are hand-hammered in Bolivia. $5,500 (top) and $4,400 at Donna Karan ...

Bolivia is the poorest country in South America and the third poorest in Latin America, after Haiti and Nicaragua. Average income per head in 2003 was just $900 (£525).

Putting aside the obscene expense for a moment, is it just me or does the top one look more like a pod from Invasion of the Body Snatachers than a potato?

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MsYvone said...

I checked out the SURevolution website, and only one place did it mention giving back to the artisians...
"we leave a Trace"


There was a link to Aid to Artisians, but who knows what kind of kick backs there are.

Lord, i'm so jaded to send money anywhere supporting anything anymore. we sent money to the red cross for Katrina, and now they're reporting misappropriation with them.