Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Three things that would be more compelling to watch than David Blaine attempting to hold his breath for nine minutes

--Watching paint dry on David Blaine
--Observing grass grow on David Blaine
--Waiting for a pot to boil on David Blaine

BTW, anyone up for joining a class-action suit against ABC for false advertising? "Drowned Alive" my ass. It just sounded better than "David Blaine Gets Prune Hands."


Alan McDonald said...

I had a quick look on David's website, an all together uninteresting experience I can tell you. One section that caught my eye was 'Musings', here is an example of some of David's musings:

* Those who complain about missing a meal or being bored, you have never really suffered, or witnessed your loved one face death, smiling in your arms. I hope you are so luck one day.
* Soft is stronger than hard, Love is stronger than hate, Water is stronger than stone, Silence is stronger than screams
* The most courageous act a man can do is cry

Jim Donahue said...

Perhaps David should get a job at Hallmark and write greeting cards.

trinamick said...

Hey look! I can make customers and profits disappear!

David Blaine is such a poser. If he wants to impress me, he'll stay in there for a week without that pesky oxygen tube.