Wednesday, July 31, 2013

No, I'm not really blogging again

I'm just leaving this here to see if I get a response from iMotors or Let's try linking these two phrases: iMotors sucks. And sucks even harder.

The back story: I'm in the market for a car. I got a Facebook ad from iMotors for finding local dealers and what cars they have in stock. Hey, that sounds helpful, so I signed up. Immediately, I went from having maybe five spam emails hitting my email address per day to, oh, 250-300. Not all car related. Everything under the sun, from meeting Latino singles to lengthening my thingee. I'm assuming has sold my email address. (Fuck you,!)

I've reached out on Twitter. iMotors took weeks to say it was looking into it, but I've not heard back again. And stony silence from

So, I'm posting this to see if either company combs the Web looking for unhappy customers.

Look, iMotors. I get that you want to reach customers. That's fine. But by dealing with, you guarantee I'm not going to see any of your email because it's lost among the 250-300 other spam emails I get every day. So stop working with

In conclusion: iMotors sucks. And sucks even harder.