Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Or, "cream plectrums" could be an unfortunate medical condition

Some random person followed me on Twitter this afternoon. She has 12,000 followers, but when you look at their names, you can tell they're mostly bots, with names formed in a game of Twitter Mad Libs.

But, oddly, most sound like they could be band names for specific niches. Below, a partial list, followed by suggested genre:

criticize_lymph: Shoegaze.

vacuum_afterglo: New age.

ideal_corpuscl: Heavy metal cover band from Eastern Europe.

Indian_bamboozl: Fake world music.

liver_looter: Bar band.

reject_blouse: Riot grrrrl.

conclusion_clam: High school garage band.

breath_garbolog: EDM.

baby_coincident: Wiggles-esque kids' music

cream_plectrums: Prog.

sun_sidesaddles: '60s pop revivalists.

lung_lobbed: Pop-punk.

global_carousel: Wedding band.

promote_colds: Weekend band formed by pharmaceutical sales reps.

helpful_napalmi: Death metal.

chronic_pulveri: More death metal.

danger_airlifts: Barber shop quartet that performs death metal on Air Force bases.

No, I still have not resumed blogging. This is a figment of your imagination.