Monday, February 29, 2016

There’s an old joke about a little boy who doesn’t talk. Though his parents try everything, including medical specialists, hypnotists, psychiatrists, but nothing will make the kid talk. His life is otherwise normal—he goes to school, plays with his friends, is a member of a Little League team. But he never says a word.

One day, when the boy is 10, his mother serves him soup for lunch. “The soup is cold,” the kid says.

“Oh, my God!” the mother says. “You can talk! Why haven’t you said anything before?”

“Until now,” the kid says, “everything’s been OK.”

What I’m saying is, has anyone checked Justice Thomas’s soup?

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The owls are not what they seem

From a New York Times article on workspaces. If I worked in this LinkedIn office, I would expect a dancing dwarf to tell me the gum I liked was about to come back in style.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

If only I could monetize this

It's kind of weird how credit works on the Internet. There's a story over at the AV Club about how the Coen brothers are indifferent to the highly acclaimed Fargo TV show, based on their film. The interview originally appeared in Radio Times, which is noted, but IndieWire gets the "via" link and credit. However, when you go to IndieWire, the Exclaim site gets a "via" link. And when you go to the Exclaim story, NME gets a "via" link. Finally, NME links only to the original Radio Times story. So the AV Club story is four steps away from the original story and everything in between is just a summary with absolutely nothing new to add.

So, to further this information journey, I'm going to link to the AV Club. If you pass on this information, though, remember to credit me.