Monday, July 26, 2004

Let's see. I'm writing a review of a bad movie called "Catwoman." What dismissive phrase can I use that no one else will come up with?

"Get out the kitty litter" --Toronto Star

"'Catwoman' ... could turn out to be the kitty litter of summer blockbusters." --New York Post

"'Catwoman': No amount of kitty litter could save this stinker" --Seattle Times

"Kitty litter: Halle Berry fleshes out a fashionable feline female " --Newark Star Ledger

"Kitty Litter" --Rocky Mountain News

"Kitty Litter" --Winnipeg Sun

"There's really nowhere to go when your script is just so much kitty litter" --Portland Tribune

"The stink of a $90-million box of kitty litter" --Chart Attack

"There isn't enough sand in the world to hold this much cat litter" --Evansville Courier and Press

"Ewwww, who spilled the litter box?" --Seattle Post Intelligencer

"Can be safely consigned to the litter box" --The Globe and Mail

"It belongs in the litter box" --Miami Herald

"Halle's 'Catwoman' is one for the litter box" --Delaware County Times

"Unfortunately for Oscar winner Halle Berry, this movie belongs in the litter box" --USA Today

"Discards such anachronisms as story and character like so much kitty litter" --Washington Post

"I've whiffed litter boxes that gave off a less offensive odor than this hairball." --Akron Beacon Journal

"It might take Halle Berry more than nine lives to shake the karmic kitty litter from her reputation." --St. Louis Post Dispatch

"Script that should have been tossed out with the kitty litter"

"Patience -- which is exactly what you need to sit through this kitty litter..." --Catholic News Service

"Meow -- Halle Berry looks great, but 'Catwoman' is kitty litter" --Philadelphia Daily News

"You almost expect the character to seek out a litter tray" --BBC News

"Batch of big-screen kitty litter" --Calgary Sun


Peter said...

You're a funny guy!

Just some guy - figure you're like me, you see the arbitrary hits on Sitemeter, but no comments on your blog, and you wonder who these strange people are.

Ron Southern said...

I'm dropping both of you into a litter of kittys and see who comes out alive.