Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Velvet Blog gives in to the dark side

Decided to try running ads.

Just watch the pennies roll in!

UPDATE: Just wanted to point that I was inspired to try running ads by this pretty much unbelievable column, which claims 452,000 Americans use blogging as their primary source of income. Really? Well, not so much.

Anyway, since adding AdSense to my blog this morning, I've earned 99 cents.

Now, pardon me as I go blow all of my earnings at the racetrack.


Dave said...

I have to say AdSense's algorithm for picking the ads must have had a fit. Need a wrongful death lawyer as the result of eating peanuts and pomegranates while watching Angel of Death on with a Snoopy doll in your lap? Jim's your man.

Jim Donahue said...

I thought it might be you.

punkinsmom said...

Sellout. ;)

Qaro said...

I think Dave's right. The algorithm is crazy good!

The ads are spooky personalized! How did it know I don't have cable TV? Suddenly I feel like rethinking that. Hmmmm...