Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well, that didn't take long

As I heard about the apparent suicide of Freddie Mac's CFO this morning, the first thing I thought was: "How sad." The second was: "How long before some right-wing nutjob blogger accuses Obama of being involved and invokes the names of Vincent Foster and the Clintons?"

But a quick Google search confirms that, of course, this has already happened. (No, I won't link, but this took me approx. 30 seconds to find.)

A taste:
Could it be the start of a new Washington illness called "Barackacide"? Is it the '90's all over again with the Clinton trail of dead bodies all over the landscape of people who dared to tread to close to the Slick and the Skank?

Wingnuts are far too predictable.

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Mark H said...

You got linkage from SadlyNo!