Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I wonder why the wonder falls on me

Instead of coming up with new shows along the lines of Who Wants to Hump My Mom? or Who Gets the Adorable Orphan?, perhaps the good folks (ha! ha! I crack me up.) at Fox could, every once in a while, try sticking with the good shows they accidentally broadcast.

Wonderfalls DVD

Last year, four episodes of a show called Wonderfalls--in which inanimate objects give cryptic advice to a Niagra Falls underachiever--escaped onto the air. They were funny, unique, quirky, and thoughtful. Executives at Fox, horrified at their mistake, promptly canceled the show and stuck nine completed episodes on a shelf in the linen closet, behind the fluffy bath towels, where they thought no one would ever find them. Apparently, a mole in the organization discovered the rusting film cans and arranged for a three-disk DVD collection, with all 13 episodes. The set is available here.

Buy it. Seriously. (OK, if you don't trust me, rent it.)

Oh, and an insanely catchy theme song by XTC's Andy Partridge sweetens the deal.


John said...

I saw two episodes when it was on the air. I'm sort of broke right now, but as soon as I get some cash, I'm gonna pick up the DVD.

Fox has actually had quite a few shows that I really liked, only to have them taken away and replaced with vomit-inducing reality crap. I think that's worse that if they'd never aired them at all. What's the point of putting an intelligent show on TV if you're not going to give it time to find an audience.

NYPinTA said...

Man, I loved Wonderfalls.. for the three episodes I saw.
"Maybe she's a lazy whore?" hahaha.
Frelling Fox! *grr*