Monday, July 11, 2005

Leaving an editorial behind at the bookstore

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Couldn't help noticing the title of right-wing radio host Mike Gallagher on display at Barnes & Noble the other day. To the book's left was the new offering by Sen. Zell Miller (remember his rousing speech at the Republican convention last July?). I decided to make the Gallagher book's title completely true by moving the new Bernard Goldberg book directly to its right.

Really, when you title a book Surrounded by Idiots, you have to expect this kind of thing.


Anonymous said...

so are you saying zell is an idiot?

before you answer that, remember that this man single handedly wrestles copperhead snakes from under his house....

John said...

He does it under the house, huh? I like to single handedly wrestle my copperhead snake in the privacy of my own bathroom.

Jim Donahue said...

Jay, the next time I have a copperhead snake under my house, I'll give Zell a call.

John, working "blue," eh?