Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Velvet Blog reads the headlines so you don't have to

Africanized bees found in Utah for the first time
I'm going to assume this is the first time anything in Utah has been Africanized.

Recession seems to put people in the mood for condoms
Just wait till the stimulus package kicks in!

Pope, Merkel mend fences over Holocaust row
Next up: Pope, ghost of Torquemada share cuppa tea over "Crusades kerfuffle."


MsYvone said...

I like your headlines much better than ours.

sidenote: Doesn't 30 Rock just kick ass?

Jim Donahue said...

"30 Rock" is my current fave comedy. (I like "How I Met Your Mother," too.)

ChefNick said...

Jim, you are just SO FUNNY.

Teach me how to be as funny as you, because I can just imagine you sitting there and cracking yourself up . . . except more than me! And that is extremely hard to do!

Only I can crack myself up but you're getting darn close.

The race is on!!!!!

Jim Donahue said...

Nick, I try to amuse myself. If anyone else finds it funny, that's gravy.